Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ribbon Wands

I was inspired by Sarah from Classic Bride to make these ribbon wands for our wedding.

To make them I used white ribbon, white dowels from Michaels, and double sided tape. I cut the ribbon into twelve inch pieces and placed a good sized piece of double sided tape at the end of the ribbon. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the top of the dowel. I wasn't so handy with a glue gun so I used double sided tape instead and it worked really well. After I finished them I practiced waving them just to make sure the ribbon stayed put.

My two older brothers {also our ushers} handed the ribbon wands out to our guests with our programs. It was so fun to see our guests wave them as we walked down the aisle after our ceremony :)


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

these look awesome. you should submit them for our DIY contest!

Melissa said...

thank you!