Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Family Tree

I was inspired to make our own family tree when I saw this hand-lettered family tree from Martha Stewart.

11"x14" white photograph frame
11"x14" piece of white poster board
18"x18" piece of brown cardstock
24" of ribbon
brown marker pen
double sided tape
small piece of white card stock
white gen roller pen

I began by asking my mom and Eric's mom for the names and correct spellings of our family members all the way to our great grandparents. After I received all the names I created a draft of our family tree on a piece of white poster board that I cut to 11"x14" to make sure all of the names fit in the photograph frame. Then I cut the piece of brown cardstock to 11"x14".

I started at the bottom of the piece of brown cardstock leaving a little room too put the ribbon and our family tree label. I used a white gel roller pen too write the names on the brown cardstock. My siblings' names created the trunk of the tree {Eric is an only child} and then mine and Eric's name were the first two branches. I included our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

After all of the names were written I let the ink dry a little before placing it in the photograph frame. Finally before placing it in the frame I wrapped a piece of aqua blue ribbon at the bottom and placed a small piece of white cardstock that I wrote our family tree on and secured them both with double sided tape. I used our family tree to decorate the fireplace mantle we were married in front of at our ceremony and now it is on the fireplace mantle in our house :)

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