Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been looking for a simple aqua blue bracelet to wear for the wedding. This weekend I was looking through my jewelry and found a necklace that I made at Spark when I lived in Boston. My sister and my friend who is also a bridesmaid went there to make jewelry and to check out their crafty supplies. I love the sparkly aqua blue beads :)

With not much time left before our wedding I was inspired to use some of the beads from the necklace to make a bracelet. This weekend when I was getting the program and place card supplies {more about that later}. I found this really pretty toggle clasp at A.C.Moore. It kind of reminds me of a magnolia flower.

When I got home I took apart my necklace. At first I was nervous about cutting the wire and taking it apart but I can always put it back together. I didn't really have the proper jewelry tools so I used a really small pair of pliers from Eric. Then I measured my wrist to see how many beads and the length of wire I would need. Then I attached the bar part of the toggle to the wire using a crimp bead, strung all the beads, and attached the flower part of the toggle clasp using another crimp bead.

Now I have a bracelet to wear next Saturday :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Almost Time

Yesterday I woke up and our wedding is officially next week! I feel so overwhelmed among other things. Most of all I'm excited although it might be hard to tell from the outside :) I've been trying really hard not to let the little details overcome what our wedding is all about.

Everything always seems to come together some how. I've just never planned for something for so long and worried about something so much. I just can't wait to see everything come together. Until then it's all about finishing our wedding projects, working on the final details, and packing for a vacation at the beach with our family and friends :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Own Firefly Lights

A couple of summers ago when we were on vacation in Duck, North Carolina my sister bought these really cool firefly lights in a jar. I loved them! During our wedding planning I thought it would be really pretty to have them outside at our wedding but after some research it would have been really expensive :(

This morning two mysterious packages were delivered at around eight o'clock. Later on I woke up to a engineering lab set up in the living room. My fiance is an electrical engineer so I didn't think anything of it just yet :) I was working on some wedding projects in the kitchen and Eric comes to show me that he created his own firefly lights for the wedding. I couldn't believe it!

He wired them together and placed them in a mason jar. They are going to look so pretty outside at our wedding. The video I took of them doesn't do them justice :) He is the best and has definitely taken do it yourself wedding projects to a whole new level :) Our wedding is only two weeks from today!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Only Three Weeks Away

I can't believe our wedding is only three weeks from today!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Letter Decorations

At our location, the Saltaire, there are these pretty light posts on either side of the driveway and I just thought of a simple way to decorate them!

I think I am going to place these letters in front of the light posts or maybe tie them to the light posts with ribbon :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Brunch

We are going to have a simple brunch for our guests the day after the wedding. We were surprised that with the exception of a few guests everyone responded yes to our brunch. It's going to be so nice to see people once more before they leave to go home. Especially since for most of our family and friends it's a destination wedding.

My fiance and I have a bunch of these yellow and blue seashell napkins. They inspired the decorations for the brunch and I was happy to discover we had enough for all of our guests. I washed and ironed all of the napkins. (looking back now the ironing seems a little crazy:) Then I rolled and tied each one with some inexpensive pretty ribbon I found at Michael's.

I created a crossword puzzle too for our guests with all sorts of questions about us. Things like where was the first place we went to dinner and what school did we attend together. Now I just need to print them :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Wedding Scrapbook

A little while after we got engaged I bought this wedding scrapbook by Darcy Miller from Amazon. I haven't started to fill it out yet, but I've been saving everything from fabric swatches from my dress to scraps of ribbon. It's such a great book, it covers everything from how we met to our wedding anniversaries including all of our wedding planning details, our wedding day, and our honeymoon.

It's filled with questions, places to put photographs, fabric swatches, and even a family tree to fill in. I received Martha Stewart's keepsake wedding planner as an engagement gift from a friend. So far I have only used pencil to write in the planner, hopefully I won't be afraid to use a pen to fill in our wedding scrapbook :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

In the mail today we received the invitation to our rehearsal BBQ that my fiance's parents are going to host the evening before our wedding. My fiance's mom made the invitation and it's perfect for the southern BBQ we are going to have for our rehearsal dinner :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wedding M&M's

Yesterday we received a box of M&M's my mom ordered for us for the wedding personalized with our names and wedding date. They are so cute! At every holiday we always have M&M's so my mom thought it was fitting to have them at the wedding too! Now I just need to keep them in a cool place till the wedding and figure out a pretty way to display them :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Sister is the Best

My sister is the best! At our wedding we are going to put baskets in the bathrooms and fill them with some items our guests might need like band aids, mints, tylenol, etc. A little while ago my sister found these small packets of tissues with an S for my fiance's last name and my soon to be last name initial. Yesterday she called to let me know that she got the rest of the supplies for the baskets. She is the best :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Month Away

July 31, 2006 was the day I knew I would spend forever with my best friend. My fiance, Eric, asked me to marry him while we watched the sunrise in Duck, North Carolina. We woke up early the first day of our vacation, I grabbed my camera, beach towel, we put on our flip flops and walked to the beach. I was wearing a t-shirt my brother gave me that said Martha is my home girl. I love Martha Stewart, had I known what was about to happen I might have worn something fancier :) Looking back, it was perfect I was wearing that t-shirt.

I love taking pictures (any vacation with less than six hundred pictures means I might have missed some important moment or detail :) so I walked to the ocean and took a picture. Then I walked back to where Eric was sitting on a beach towel. He said "I found you something" and handed me a silver seashell. I thought the seashell was the surprise, then I opened it and saw the ring! I didn't say anything and Eric said "you have to say something." I said "of course yes!!"

Our wedding is one month from today and I am so excited!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our First Place Setting

We received our first place setting today from my fiance's parents. It is so pretty!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a Fancier BBQ

For the past few summers my fiance and I have had a BBQ and invited all of our friends. Our BBQs have always had some sort of theme from beach to western. Last summer was our last BBQ in Massachusetts before moving to North Carolina.

Over the weekend as I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with wedding planning it helps to think that our wedding is just a fancier BBQ. Our family and friends will just be traveling a little bit further and will be wearing a little bit fancier clothes :)

Martha Stewart and KitchenAid

This weekend at Macy's I discovered that KitchenAid has a Martha Stewart Blue Collection! The picture of the stand mixer from my phone doesn't do it justice :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cute Quote

We have been making the wine for our wedding but it didn't quite turn out as we had planned so we have decided to use it for something else. This week we went to Trader Joes and bought the wine for our wedding instead. When I was putting everything away I noticed this quote on the paper bag from Trader Joes and I thought it was really cute :)