Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Weekend in New York

I had the best time in New York with my sister who lives right across the street from the beach. We made dinner together, made funfetti cake, watched TV, and did some crafty things for ScrappyTime. On Saturday morning we drove into the city to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden which was amazing. We went at the perfect time for cherry blossom viewing season and I think I took over three hundred photographs there! The weather was perfect and the sky was so blue. Then we stopped to have lunch outside at San Loco before we went to Serendipity for dessert.

I love New York, my family lived there for awhile and I went to middle and high school in Bedford. My sister and I have a plan to someday live next door to each other and have a big, cool barn that we can share for holidays, parties, or just a Tuesday :) Here are some of my favorite moments and photographs from this weekend. You can see more of them on flickr too :)

{Long Beach}

{Brooklyn Botanic Garden}

{the best tacos at San Loco}

{frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity}

{tulips in the city}


Mary-Laure said...

Oh this makes me miss New York!
Love those tulips, so very spring-y.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think you just had my dream weekend! ;-)

Katharine said...

The pictures make me want to go to New York very soon. I love the pictures from your new camera. They are amazing. And I love frozen hot chocolate.

Tara said...

Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! And very pretty pics!