Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Brunch

We are going to have a simple brunch for our guests the day after the wedding. We were surprised that with the exception of a few guests everyone responded yes to our brunch. It's going to be so nice to see people once more before they leave to go home. Especially since for most of our family and friends it's a destination wedding.

My fiance and I have a bunch of these yellow and blue seashell napkins. They inspired the decorations for the brunch and I was happy to discover we had enough for all of our guests. I washed and ironed all of the napkins. (looking back now the ironing seems a little crazy:) Then I rolled and tied each one with some inexpensive pretty ribbon I found at Michael's.

I created a crossword puzzle too for our guests with all sorts of questions about us. Things like where was the first place we went to dinner and what school did we attend together. Now I just need to print them :)


sarah said...

Ooooh oooh ooh! We're having a brunch, too, and so far all we have picked out is the place and the tentative menu (and my outfit) hah!

Pleeeeeaaaaaaaase share more details!! I haven't even begun to think about decorating for it and would love to be inspired!

ps. The napkins look great!!

sarah said...

sorry, one more question!

How did you do the crossword puzzles?

One Love Photo said...

Love the brunch idea! Oh and love the crossword puzzle even more! Looks like a really cute brunch in the making.

Melissa's Greetings said...

Thank you!! I will definitely share more details too!

To make the crossword puzzles I used this website-

I used their site to enter in my answers and questions and it created a draft of the crossword puzzle. Instead of paying money to download the software I used the draft and created the final puzzle in excel :)

sarah said...

thanks for sharing the crossword site - it's great, i was just playing around with it! :o)

Melissa's Greetings said...

Your welcome! :)