Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Own Firefly Lights

A couple of summers ago when we were on vacation in Duck, North Carolina my sister bought these really cool firefly lights in a jar. I loved them! During our wedding planning I thought it would be really pretty to have them outside at our wedding but after some research it would have been really expensive :(

This morning two mysterious packages were delivered at around eight o'clock. Later on I woke up to a engineering lab set up in the living room. My fiance is an electrical engineer so I didn't think anything of it just yet :) I was working on some wedding projects in the kitchen and Eric comes to show me that he created his own firefly lights for the wedding. I couldn't believe it!

He wired them together and placed them in a mason jar. They are going to look so pretty outside at our wedding. The video I took of them doesn't do them justice :) He is the best and has definitely taken do it yourself wedding projects to a whole new level :) Our wedding is only two weeks from today!

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