Monday, June 30, 2008

Pretty Starfish

Charm from Garnish, Necklace from Dogeared, Necklace from Tiffany & Co., Brooch from Ebay, Earrings from Etsy by Crave Jewelry Design, Cuff Links from Tiffany & Co., Bracelet from J.Crew, Necklace from Nordstrom by Juicy Couture, Pendant from Etsy by Artgirlx

I think starfish are so pretty. Our wedding has been inspired by them, aqua blue, and the beach. I've been thinking about out what jewelry I might wear for our wedding besides my ring :) This weekend I found so many pretty things from the inexpensive to the diamond platinum necklace which is beautiful but a little expensive for me :)


Ashley said...
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Melissa's Greetings said...

thank you :)