Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Dream Job

The Craft's Dept. at Martha Stewart started their own blog and it's amazing! This would be my dream job... :)

{working in a great space surrounded by crafty supplies
and having a view of the city}

{being able to take a sewing class at work}

{working with so many creative people
and creating fun parties at work}

all images from the Craft's Dept.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, I am so happy about the new blog and this is my dream job too! When I lived in new york I applied for COUNTLESS positions at Martha Stewart--alas I think it's kind of an inside thing...but we can all admire, can't we?

Blair said...

Oh, that does sound lovely!!! I can't wait to check out their blog.

AmyJean said...

I'd love a job like this too...

Miss B. said...

I agree! I would LOVE to work there too!