Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Dinner

{macaroni and cheese}


We had pork chops too. I used the macaroni and cheese recipe from Martha Stewart Everyday Food {without ham} and the applesauce recipe came from allrecipes. On Christmas my sister saved the day and made this applesauce when we ran out butter to make apple crisp. I love this applesauce and it's so simple to make. I practiced taking pictures with my new camera too :)


Amanda said...

I really need to learn to make homemade mac and cheese. That looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

pork chops, apple sauce AND mac and cheese? you're killing me here!

homemade mac is one of my all time faves. just grind a little black pepper on top and i'm a happy girl indeed!

Katharine said...

Ultimate winter comfort foods. They pictures make a person very hungry.