Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Dress and the Petticoats

{first petticoat taken out}

{last petticoat taken out}

{final version of my dress}

I loved my dress and still do, I'm still trying to figure out a way to wear it again :) I joked about wearing it with a cardigan to our brunch the day after our wedding :)

During my fittings though I had a like/love relationship with my dress. I felt like it was a little poufy for me with all the petticoats underneath, so at my second fitting the top petticoat was taken out. After all the fittings it was shipped to me in North Carolina but the top needed to be altered a tiny bit and I found a great tailor that fixed it for me in just a few days.

When I got home from the tailor I tried it on and decided that I wanted to take out the last petticoat. With my mom on the phone with me I took the smallest scissors I had and carefully cut the last petticoat out. After that I tried it on one last time and that was the moment that I really felt comfortable and happy wearing my dress :)

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Katharine said...

Missy, I remember very well the day you said YES to your dress. You were and are the most beautiful bride in the world and your dress could not have been more perfect for you. Maybe you can wear it again when you and Eric renew your wedding vows and that should be in Duck for sure.